blue pill: truth(s)

a month of living dangerously...ethiopia/abyssinia (w/2008 ethiopian millennium/2000 & cairo update)

                       wake up/free your mind/be the one


human family matters

huit jours au haiti

 jottings is a workspace to read and post ideas that matrix the physical world in which we labor to earn a living and that quiet space within where freedom screams for expression and our dormant divinity clamors for manifestation. it is a forum for the exchange of action plans, and the sharing of personal experiences. for what happens to one affects all, whether in baghdad or down the street. and all our experiences, however mundane they seem in isolation, are poignant and part of a master plan when seen in relationship. there's much to learn and teach through such sharing. knowledge may be in books, but wisdom comes in living. jottings is for and about living the words we read, write and speak

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addis ababa, ethiopia: 4-13 march.     istanbul, turkey: 3 march

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